Cantina Enotria – Calabrian Wines Looking for Distribution in Georgia (USA)


Cantina Enotria, Ciro Marina, Calabria Italy

VineyardOceanPicCantina Enotria began in 1974, and is currently led by the son and grandson of the founders.

The philosophy has always been to produce democratic and affordable wines that reflect the terroir and region of Calabria.

The winery is located on State Route 106, one of the wines bears this name. It is the road that road that runs throughout and connects the region.

The winery uses stainless steel, cement vats, and oak in the production and aging of the wines, reflecting the desire to honor the history of the region, while implementing modern knowledge into their quality wines. “Technology and fold wisdom” this is Enotria.

PIANA DELLE FATE|100% Gaglioppo|14% ABV|Ciro DOC|Ross Classico Riserva

A wine with great tradition, the supreme expression of Ciro DO is proued with the utmost care by selecting the best grapes from the winery’s vineyards.

Ciro Rosso|80% Gaglioppo, 20% Calabrese|13.5% ABV

This beautiful, medium bodied, red wine sees no oak, undergoing stainless fermentation and ageing. The grapes are all hand picked.

Ciro Biano|100% Greco Bianco|Ciro DOC|12% ABV

This medium bodied white wine is the perfect summer wine. Perfect on its own, with charcueterie, or with lighter meals. It sees not oak and is completely stainless steel fermented and aged.

106 Centosei|60% Gaglioppo, 20% Calabrese, 20% Cabernet|Calabria IGT|14% ABV

In Ciro, the State Road 106 splits the seaside vineyards from those on the hills, and the grapes travel the road to become the wine in this bottle. Only a few meters wide and 491 kilometers long, it is an extraordinary place. It intertwines the life of the early peoples of Italy, living along the Ionian Sea with the perennial alterations of joys and sorrows.

A medium bodied red that sees stainless steel fermentation and both stainless and oak ageing.

Punta Dei 20|100% Gaglioppo|Calabria IGT|12% ABV

The large lighthouse at Punta Alice looks with a bright eye at the wine that moes the sand the sea and the currents. It’s unrelenting strength is like the love that draws, unites, smooths, transforms and gives patients to those who love it with serene passion.

This is the perfect summer wine, it is literally the beach in a bottle.