Meet the Producer of D’Angelo Wines

Several months ago, I attended a tasting through the Atlanta Wine Meet Up that featured wines from Domaine Distributors. One of the wines, D’Angelo’s Aglianico Del Vulture captured my attention because there is some speculation that Aglianico could have been the wine served at the Last Supper (see previous post here).

So, when I saw that the Atlanta Wine Meet Up and Domaine Distributors were hosting events last week where I could meet the producer of this wine, Erminia D’Angelo, I knew it was an event that I wasn’t going to miss.

D'Angelo2D’Angelo Wine is synonymous with quality Aglianico production. They have been making this wine for nearly a century in the Basilicata region of Italy. Erminia and her brother Rocco, continue their father Lucco’s focus on producing the best quality Aglianico wine. Don’t take my word for it though, Wine Spectator placed their Aglianico Del Vulture wine #74 on their top 100 list.


D'AngeloThe event was awesome and very informative as Erminia shared 5 of her wines, one of which was a Chardonnay that was excellent, and the remaining 4 of which were all 100% Aglianico. The  wines progressed in “quality” based on the amount of maceration and aging each received, the youngest one being the one I had previously purchased and the one that won Wine Spectator’s praise! That should give you some idea of the quality wines that D’Angelo produces – the entry level Aglianico is an award winner.

The Caselle Aglianico Del Vulture was the grand dame of the selection. The maceration period for this wine is 15 days, followed by 24 months of aging. Erminia told us at the event this is the only wine they produce that spends some time in cement as well oak!

A bonus to meeting Erminia D’Angelo and tasting such a great selection of her wines, was the venue itself, Farmhouse 17. Located in historic downtown Norcross, it is a wonderful little find and even though I am on the other side of town, I will find a reason to make way back there. Check them out  – Farmhouse 17!

L to R: Sandra Brooks, Farmhouse 17 Owner, Erminia D’Angelo, Ted Field & Terry Tomasello, Domaine Distributor

Aglianico wine, while not so common that everyone has heard of it, is gaining in popularity. In fact, the podcast by Elizabeth Schneider, Wine for Normal People, just listed it is a favorite wine for Fall!  If you want to learn about the this particular grape in greater depth, there is no better source for the “quick and dirty” education than Wine Folly!

Try some for yourself. You can thank me later;)



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