La Fête du Rosé. For Everyone. All the time.


There is so much to love about this wine. Hailing from St. Tropez in the Provence region of France, it is of course a rosé, but it’s not your typical Provencal rosé, and that is exactly what founder Donae Burston was going for. The name literally translates to party of the rosés, and he wants a glass in everyone’s hand.

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Donae Burston founded La Fête du Rosé with a mission in mind. He fell in love with rosé wine while celebrating his 30th birthday in Saint-Tropez. Although he was a beverage industry veteran, he did not think of himself as a “wine person,” but his fate was set. His love of rosé  continued to grow, but he discovered that there was stigma with rosé wine – it was a drink marketed to women, and white women at that, and only in summer. He wanted a to make a rosé that was marketed to everyone – especially to people of color,  and men, and he wanted it to be a rosé that everyone drank all year long, not just in the summer.

If you’re going to do something, you might as well do it right. And if you fall in love with rosé wine in St. Tropez, why not team up with the oldest vineyard in the region, Domaine Bertaud Belieu, established in 1340, and create a wine that is the exact expression of your desires? In 2019 the first bottles of La Fête du Rosé reached consumers and the wine has been very well received, not only by consumers, but critics as well.

A beautiful wine. A beautiful mission. But there’s more.


A world traveler, himself, Donae Burston decided that La Fête du Rosé would have a give back program. Portions of the proceeds from La Fête du Rosé have benefitted charities that give underserved and underrepresented kids a chance to travel the world to learn foreign languages and have a global perspective of the world. I really can’t think of a better cause. Unless you count the current one. Through August, $2 of every bottle of wine purchased via the website is being donated to Color of Change, an organization fighting for racial justice.

La Fete du Rose 2018|Cotes du Provence, St. Tropez, France|12.5% ABV|$25


A blend of  80% Grenache, 14% Mouvedre, and 6% Syrah, the wine is a gorgeous salmon color. Stone fruit, and subtle pastry notes, are carried through on the palate with  the addition of quince and mineral notes. Medium bodied, with great acidity, and a long finish, this wine rolls across your tongue like a gently babbling brook. (yes, I just said that).

La Fête du Rosé is committed to sustainability and Domaine Bertaud Belieu received it’s Zero Pesticide certification in 2016.

I paired this wine with cheese and olives, with steak fajitas, and with nothing at all. It was amazing in all scenarios, so I’d recommend you purchase several bottles, which you can do direct from the website here, and don’t forget when you buy direct, you get to drink for some great causes, that’s a win/win. If you can’t get wine shipped to you, you can hopefully find it in your area by checking here.

Let’s party people. Spread love, not hate. Cheers to that.


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