Louis Pommery California – Amazing Bubbly for an Amazing Price


This is a short, sweet, and to the point post! I just discovered this Louis Pommery California Brut sparkling wine and it is my new, hands down favorite!

The first bottles were introduced in May of 2017, and I have to say I’m a little sad it took me 3 years to discover it.

The Pommery name has been synonymous with fine French Champagne, since it was founded in Reims, France in 1858. Fun fact, it is Madame Pommery who is credited with the invention of Brut Champagne in 1874.

The California sparkling is made in exactly the same way – methode champenoise – as it’s French counterpart, with the same dedication to quality and excellence.

Geek factor: Pommery’s previous Chef de Cave, Thierry Gasco, is credited with developing a yeast encapsulation method that results in cleaner wines with exceptional aromatics and flavors. I don’t know what this method is or why it matters, but this wine is incredible, especially for the price point. Did I mention it retails for $18.99? 

There are lovely  aromas of green apple, lemon, minerality, and beautiful yeasty notes. On the palate, all of the aromas carry over with an incredible acidity and of course the bubbles – you can’t really see the gorgeous bead action due to the condensation on my glass – sorry! This wine has a beautiful mouthfeel, it is creamy yet light and refreshing, with a nice lingering finish. 

I cannot find a ton of info on production method, however, I can tell you the that the production and bottling facility are in Sonoma, with grapes coming from vineyards beyond the region. It is a blend of 96% Chardonnay, with a splash of Pinot Noir making up the balance. 

There are other cuvées from Pommery California, a Carneros, and a Rosé. If the production methods are vague, the buying options seem to be even more of a mystery. I found this one at my local Total Wine, but I’m having no luck with the other cuvees. While I’m on the lookout for those, I’ll also be keeping my eyes open for Pommery’s English Fizz, also a recent addition to the Pommery offerings.

Please run out and find a bottle of the Pommery California Brut – I’d love to hear your thoughts! And, if you spot any of the other bottles, please drop me a line!

Cheers to a bubbly weekend!


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