Guns & Bubbles

Not a pairing you see very often, and rightly so, no firearms allowed whilst imbibing is a golden rule. So what is the connection?

It is this nifty little opener made by the Beretta Firearms Company for the Franciacorta producer Ca’ del Bosco. The only company to close their sparkling wines with a staple rather than a cage, it’s so unique I had to share.

How did a firearms manufacturer pair up with a luxury sparkling wine producer? It might be a true neighborhood collaboration, both Berretta and Ca’ del Bosco are located in the Franciacorta region. Or perhaps Beretta has deep interest in the subject of wine – the company does own two wineries – Lo Sparvieri in Franciacorta, and Costello di Radda, in Radda in Chianti, Tuscany. Perhaps there other wine tools from Beretta out there?

This bottle of Ca’ del Bosco 2010 Annamaria Clemente rosé is a special and rare bottle. I believe there are only about 300 bottles imported into the USA. I splurged on this bottle, justifying it with an upcoming 30th wedding anniversary. Spoiler alert, we drank it on Tuesday night with a friend in honor or her birthday.

A deep pink color, that comes from Pinot Noir grapes, this wine is luscious even to look at. The cuvée Annamaria Clementi is named in honor of the woman who founded Ca’ del Bosco. Eight years of sur lie aging result in a decadent bottle of Franciacorta that is a feast for the eyes, the nose, and of course the palate.

Have you ever experienced Ca’ del Bosco and the staple closure? Only the top end bottles have a metal staple that requires this tool, most of the wines have a plastic, staple closure that is easily removed with your hands. Here is a 360 degree view of the tool on the bottle. You just squeeze the handles together and the staple comes right off.

So, I guess I have to keep buying Ca’del Bosco’s best bottles or I’ll never have another use for my little Beretta staple puller. Wait a minute. Suddenly this seems like marketing genius…..

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