Earth Day. Taste the Talk, Wine the Walk with Tablas Creek Boxed Wine.

Tablas Creek has always been at the forefront. Landing on Paso Robles in 1985, long before anyone had ever heard of the region, they led the way in bringing Rhone varietals to California. Employing sheep, alpacas, donkeys, and I’m sure many other creatures, they have led the way in sustainable farming and winemaking practices. They became organic in 2003, gained biodynamic certification in 2017, and in 2020 became the first winery in the U.S. to receive Regenerative Organic certification.

Despite all of this, industry leaders and wine fans alike were shocked when Tablas Creek recently offered it’s everyday rose Patelin de Tablas in a box. The motivation being a far more efficient and environmentally friendly way to package and ship wine. Although I too was surprised to see such a high quality producer box their wine, I thought it was brilliant for consumers because I can 100% appreciate the fact that the opened box will stay fresh in your fridge for weeks. The box holds 4 standard bottles of wine and retailed for $95.00.

Taken from Tablas Creek’s Instagram – click on through!

The boxes sold out in a day, I tried to purchase one but was not quick enough. High quality wine in a box, almost like your own enomatic wine dispenser on a shelf in your fridge that you don’t have to replace for 4 bottles!

I’m not sure if other high end producers will follow suit, but I think I would keep a box of nice wine at the ready in my fridge if it were an option. It wouldn’t be a replacement for all of the wine I drink, – one wine for weeks at a time is just doesn’t make me happy, but I’d definitely go through that box over the timespan of a few weeks.

Here is a fascinating look at how they bottled – er…boxed….bagged… the wine!

Taken from Tablas Creek’s Instagram – click on through!

In the meantime, maybe all of the canned wine hullabaloo will die down and boxed wine will become the wine move du jour?

Were you lucky enough to grab a box of Patelin de Tablas? Have you experienced other boxed wines? Do tell!

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  1. I’m not surprised TCV sold out so quickly. I too wanted to grab one of these. Based on the remarkable success of this offering, I’m sure they will be more next year. Let’s hope we have faster fingers!


  2. Here’s hoping Martin!


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