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I Won! I Won!

My favorite wine podcast — and I listen to a few — is Wine Two Five! It is hosted by Valerie Caruso and Stephanie Davis and these ladies are the queens of wine “edutainment.” Each episode teaches me something new in the most entertaining way.

The Wine Two Five podcast has a quarterly contest for people who  participate in the #W25Challenge by using this hashtag when they are trying a new wine (or cocktail) and I had the good fortune of winning this contest for the last quarter of 2016!

Being a huge fan, I can’t tell how you exciting this was for me!  Even though I am clearly a bit nervous as I seem to be very giggly during this entire episode, I hope you will listen and enjoy enough to become a regular listener.

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As though I have been bitten by a bug, I am suddenly obsessed with learning about wine. Not only the tastes and smells and varietals, but viticulture and history. It seems the more you learn, the less you know and in the pursuit of knowledge, an entire lifestyle devoted to the grape unfolds.

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