Going for the Double Gold – Dracaena Cabernet Franc 2015

In hindsight, this Dracaena Cabernet Franc 2015 wine, would have made a perfect wine to drink while watching the Olympics because this wine brought home not a Gold, but a Double Gold Award from the San Francisco Chronicle Wine competition. I came across this Twitter post regarding this accolade, which I hope gives you an  idea of what an honor this award is:

Not an easy task to win a Double Gold from me or my winejudging (.com) compatriots at the #SFCWC2018 but the Cabernet Franc from Dracaena Wines is a rare gem that wooed us with flavor, finesse and elegance. Congrats!

Awards, points and ratings only count for so much though right? Right. So I had to try it for myself and it did not disappoint.

Describing tastes and aromas in wine is my nemesis, try as I might to develop a sophisticated palate, it is a slow process for me. So, I’ll give you my impressions and then tell you what the winemaker says;)

I called this wine deep garnet in color, with the slightest little bit of lightening along the meniscus. The thing that knocked my socks off was the nose on this wine. I would literally describe it as luscious. I can’t describe it beyond that, it was probably the most compelling aroma I have experienced.

The flavors did not disappoint either. There was just so much going on. I got plum and licorice and then this tobacco thing — totally different than how I have previously described tobacco in wine. For me the tobacco lingered forever on an incredibly long finish. I consider this wine to be full bodied and powerful, but so, so well balanced and just beautiful. It made me really think, so I’d even add complex to this one.

I was excited to see the winemaker actually called the aromas a “vibrant bouquet” (red currant, tobacco, earth) and referenced a “parade of flavors”  (plum, dark chocolate, black cherry, black licorice) on the palate. A spiciness and hint of herb on the finish “for what seems like ages.” So I am probably mistaking spiciness and hint of herb for the tobacco on the finish.

Here is some technical Info:

Varietal: 100% Cabernet Franc
Harvest: September 25, 2015
Age 20 months in French oak (10% new)
Bottled: June 20, 2017

If you really want to geek out a bit, check out the tech sheet for details about the vineyard, sun exposure and the 2015 season. (click here)

The bottom line is this is truly a great wine that is worth ordering online — and being home for a signature for lol! You can order here  for $32.

While you are ordering, be sure to check out the story behind Dracaena Wines (druh_see-nah). Owners Mike and Lori Budd have a great story – NJ residents making Paso Robles wine. They began as home wine makers and ended up making a wine worthy of the Double Gold award.

Lori hosts the Winephabet Street podcast, has an award winning blog, and is very active in the social media spaces. I have enjoyed listening and learning from her , which made drinking her wine all the more special.

P.S. Lori also created Cabernet Franc Day, celebrated on December 4th. (#cabfrancday).

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  1. Thank you so much for your kind rewards! We are thrilled that you enjoyed it and appreciate that you took the time to write this wonderful review! Slainte!


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