Paracombe – Stunning Wines from Adelaide Hills


Australia has produced quality wine for decades, with a proven track record the world over. The United States is the second largest importer of Australian wine, and the Australian wines are the third most imported wines into the U.S. Yet, they continue to fly under the radar. Paracombe Wines will give wine lovers everywhere, a reason to fall in love with Australian wines, especially the ones who haven’t already.

Paracome is located in the Adelaide Hills region of South Australia, bordered by the McLaren Vale and Barossa wine regions. The story began in 1983, following the Ash Wednesday bush fires, which had devastated South Australia in particular. The property had been a dairy farm,  but somehow Paul and Kathy Drogemuller, with no experience in wine, envisioned the plateau upon which the former dairy farm sat, as the perfect place to plant a vineyard. Clearly a good decision, as nearly 40 years later, they continue to produce a full line up of quality wines.

Environmental sustainability is something Paracombe takes seriously, with organic growing practices, minimal intervention wine making, and their winery being built with environmentally friendly materials. Hand pruning,  hand picking, and carefully thought canopy management, result in grape vines that are treated with loving care year round. This love and attention are evident in the wines they produce.

I came across these wines by chance, but the story resonated with me, as I too jumped into the wine business with nary a clue as to what I was doing. Having obtained my federal, state, and local licensing for importing wine in 2019, I’m still figuring it out, but beautiful wines like these don’t just land in your lap by accident. These wines need a distribution home in Georgia, and I am searching for the right distribution home for them. Kathy Drogemuller has called these wines her babies, and I must say I feel the same way. I want them to find distribution with someone who will give them the attention they deserve. I have faith this will happen, because these wines will speak for themselves once sampled.

2019 was fraught with trade issues with the European Union, tariff increases, and threats of additional tariffs. These tariffs affect everyone in the wine distribution line: the wine makers, importers, distributors, retail shops, and restaurants. Wouldn’t it be nice to not have to worry about increased tariffs on at least some of your portfolio? There is no time like the present to welcome an Australian producer to your lineup.

A brief description of each wine that I currently have available for sampling follows. Please feel free to contact me for further information at


A great little crowd pleaser. Appealing bouquet of melon, honeyed pear and floral notes with fresh flavours of nectarine, nashi pear and creme caramel with flinty notes on the finish. Made to enjoy, perfect with food.




GV5 heralds an innovative new wine style from Paracombe Wines. An aromatic white blend, this wine is a gathering of five white grape varieties. Gruner Veltliner 61%, Riesling 16%,  Gewurztraminer 9%, Pinot Gris 9% and Pinot Blanc 5%




Highly aromatic, spicy and delicious. Entirely fruit-driven by its cocktail of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Malbec and Shiraz. A wonderful food wine dedicated to Reuben Chapman, an early Paracombe settler known for his generosity and passionate love for the area





Matured in seasoned French Oak , this vintage has delivered a wine with lifted berry, violets and spicy aromas. The palate provides soft fruit flavour, aniseed spice, fine tannin and a lingering finish





A classic limited release of just 160 dozen. Decadent aromas of mulberry, rich coffee and dark chocolate with a palate delivering strong depth of fruit intensity and tantalising hints of spice. Layered, delicious flavours that just go on and on gently tapering into a fine satisfying finish


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